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Milk Supply
Milk2Market makes milk supply simple, easy, transparent and secure.
Utilising a cloud-based platform with integrated services,
Milk2Market  is for Australian businesses who buy and sell milk: farmers, processors, traders, retailers, food producers.
Milk2Market provides clients with a dedicated milk supply chain

By sourcing milk direct off-farm, it opens up marketing opportunities. New products are possible through segregated supply chains with certifiable credentials including provenance , organic products or ethical and sustainable propositions

Milk2Market – Australia’s leading independent milk services company.

New product possibilities
from segregated supply chains

Local MilkLocal Milk


Ethical ProductionEthical Production

Fair Trading

Direct Off FarmDirect Off Farm

Supporting FarmersSupporting Farmers

Single Origin

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Milk Pools in Australia

Source: Dairy Australia


There are nine dairy regions in Australia with 6,400 suppliers producing more than nine billion litres of milk.  For our client’s requirements, Milk2Market operates and manages national or state milk pools down to segregated farm supply.  No matter where you are, give us a call to discuss your milk supply options.

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Region Number of farmers Volume of milk Key processors
Gippsland 1,328 1,977 6 B F L M P – Bu
Murray 1,381 1,929 9 B F L M P S R K Fr
South West Victoria / SE SA 1,272 2,050 9 B F – M P S U Na C
South Australia (excl SE SA) 241 487 5 – – L M P S Be
Tasmania 440 835 3 -F L M – –
Central NSW 436 794 6 B F L M P – H
Northern NSW / Southern QLD 523 539 4 – F L – P – N
Far North Queensland 20 23 1 – – L – – –
Western Australia 148 380 3 – – L – P – Br
Total 6400 9015 45

Map Source: Dairy Australia | Table Source: Dairy Australia, ACCC, M2M analysis
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